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Pre-nuptial Agreements

Your international trust will protect your wealth and lifestyle in case of divorce or in case of living happily ever after.

International trusts are legal and effective in protecting you from financial ruin. International (offshore) trusts are effective concerning:

For divorce asset protection, the ultimate "pre-nup" involves an offshore trust.

Learn how an offshore trust is also useful when the marriage lasts and you want to provide for yourself and your sweetheart all the days of your lives and you want to provide a legacy for your children and for generations to come.

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This website provides information useful for to those who are considering taking steps to safeguard their wealth in contemplation of marriage (or even following marriage). This website also provides useful and encouraging information to American gentlemen who may be considering traveling overseas to Russia, Ukraine, or other former Soviet states in order to meet their new bride. For more info, click on "Russian Brides" link on the navigation bar above. While men are the target audience for this website, the legal principles discussed apply equally to wealthy women desiring to protect their assets as well.

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